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Water Cooled After Coolers TorontoWater-cooled After-coolers

The most compact unit of its kind because of its extended tube surface, the IPAC Inc. Water-Cooled After-cooler is suitable for packaged compressors or any site where space is limited.  Built with either patented Helical or plain tubes, 51 series After-coolers are designed to deliver a 15-20 degree Fahrenheit approach temperature, depending on water temperature and quantity. The 59 series delivers a 5-10 Fahrenheit approach. As hot compressed air flows through the extended surface tubes of the IPAC Water-Cooled After-cooler, the cooling water flows on the outside of the tubes in the opposite direction.  This counter-flow arrangement makes the tube walls progressively colder for maximum cooling efficiency. Heat from the compressed air is transferred throughout the tube walls to the water, thereby reducing the air temperature until the dew point is reached.  Further cooling causes the vapor to condense on the tube walls forming water droplets, thus reducing the water vapor content of the compressed air.

  • Available with patented Helical tubes offering extended tube surface for maximum efficiency
  • Alternate materials - stainless steel, admiralty, cupro-nickel, brass, etc.
  • Also available in plain tube allowing for lower pressure drop
  • Standard capacities range from 10 SCFM to 27,000 SCFM. Compact size, vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Built to ASME and TEMA standards
  • Threaded and flanged models
  • Removable bundle configuration facilitates cleaning,
  • Custom designs of up to 3,000 PSIG and higher are available depending on application.

Special designs available – consult factory.

Product PDFs

Purestream Water-cooled After-cooler Brochure

Water-cooled After-cooler Installation and Maintenance Manual


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