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Metpoint Pro

Available in either stationary or mobile configurations to suit every application. Each unit is truly “all-in-one” utilizing a single, intelligent, multi-function display. Based on this singular display unit, almost endless variations and options are available to fully optimize every last facet of your compressed air or gas line. By measuring the various parameters available to the user, plants can operate with maximum energy efficiency, increased production results, and absolute control over energy consumption and the associated savings. Measuring capabilities include: Pressure Dew Point, Air Flow, Pressure, Current, Temperature.

These all inclusive packages also feature, as standard, 4 to 20 mA output signals, two alarm relays, and USB connectivity. Full data logging with 1,000,000 data transmission capacity comes standard, and when used in conjunction with the optional software package, creates the perfect analytical tool down to the finest detail. In addition to being a completely customizable user solution and all of the standard features, the METPOINT PRO series has several options to ease installation from an engraved depth scale on the flow meter sensor, to special spot drilling collars and drilling jigs. Every detail has been carefully thought out and considered to guarantee the maximum return on investment in the shortest amount of time possible. The true all-around solution, the METPOINT PRO series from BEKO.


Metpoint Pro Brochure

Metpoint Spot Drilling Collar Manual

Metpoint LD300 Manual

 Metpoint DD08-1 Manual (new)

 Metpoint SD21 Manual

Metpoint DD08-1 Manual

Metpoint DP109 Manual

Metpoint DP207 Manual

Metpoint Drilling Jig Manual

Metpoint FS109 Manual

Metpoint DD109 Manual

Metpoint Oil Control Manual


Wall Mount Dimensions (in) 4.65 x 4.53 x 3.66
Cabinet Mount Dimensions (in) 3.62 x 3.62
Housing Protection IP65
Operating Temperature +32 to +122 °F
Transport Temperature -4 to +158 °F
Sensor Inputs Available with 2 (X2), 4 (X4) or 6 (X6) sensor inputs (2 digital with up to 4 additional analog inputs)
Interface USB
Keypad 4 keys
Power Supply 100 . . . 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 10 VA
Display Graphic Display, 160 x 100 pixels
Alarm Output 2 relays, 230 VAC, 3 A, volt-free, change over contact
Analog Output Connection of 4 to 20 mA signals of dew point and consumption sensors (max. burden < 500 Ohm)
Integrated Data Logger Up to 1,000,000 values Recording intervals: min. 1 sec. / max. 59 min. 59 sec.


Consumption Sensors
Maximum Version 185.0 m/s, 220 mm probe length (standard)
High Speed Version 224.0 m/s (optional)
Sensor Length: 120 mm
Sensor Length: 160 mm
Sensor Length: 300 mm
Sensor Length: 400 mm
Dew Point Sensors
Dew Point: -112 °F to +68 °F
Dew Point: -4 °F to +122 °F
Pressure Sensors
Precision Model 0 to 232 psig (± 0.5% accuracy of full scale)
Precision Model 0 to 580 psig (± 0.5% accuracy of full scale)
Standard Model 0 to 232 psig (± 1.0% accuracy of full scale)
Standard Model 0 to 580 psig (± 1.0% accuracy of full scale)
Temperature Sensors
Screw-in Temperature Probe Pt 100, Class A, length 300 mm, Ø 6 mm with measuring transducer
Indoor / Outdoor Temperature Probe Pt 100, Class A
Indoor / Outdoor Temperature Probe Pt 100, Class A with measuring transducer
Amp meter Sensors
Clamp-on Amp meter 0 . . . 500 A AC including 15 ft. cable


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