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Metpoint OCV Oil Free Monitoring

Compressed air which is contaminated by oil is a concern for every compressed air application. Depending on the application, there are risks for production plants, the environment or even for a person’s health. We can say one thing for sure though: Because of the environmental / suction air, an oil free compressor does not automatically guarantee for oil free compressed air. Furthermore, oil free compressors require maintenance and can fail causing catastrophic results.

In most cases, a certain residual amount of oil content cannot be entirely avoided in standard applications. The compressed air class as defined in ISO 8753-1 provide an exact guideline for the assessment of the compressed air quality. The system supervises the amount of residual oil in the compressed air flow down to the range of a thousandth of a mg/m3. Inadmissible residual oil concentrations can be identified and signaled reliably, and the consequences of an oil leak avoided.

Product PDFs

Oil Control Monitoring Brochure

Oil Control Manual

Oil Control Software Manual

Oil Vapour Measuring Device Manual

Sensor Unit Technical Specifications Evaluation Unit Technical Specifications
Dimensions 19 x 6.7 x 4.7 (W x H x D) Dimensions 9.1 x 7.9 x 4.7 (W x H x D)
Power Supply 110/1/60 VAC Power Supply 85 -265 VAC / 47 – 63 Hertz
Medium Compressed Air or Nitrogen Installed Memory 2 GB Internal Memory with Data Log
Identifiable Substances Polyalphaolefins, aliphatic hydrocarbons, hexan, heptanes, hydrocarbons, functional hydrocarbons, aromatics Outputs 230 VAC / 5A or 30 AC / 2A
Operating Temperature +32 to + 131 °F Operating Temperature + 32 to + 122 °F
Operating Over-Pressure 44 to 232 psig  
Measuring Gas Humidity 40% relative humidity
Measuring Increments mg/m3 (per ISO 1217 standard)
Measuring Range 0.01 - 5,000 mg/m3 residual oil vapour content (per ISO 8573-1 standard)
Connection 3/8" internal thread
Installation Requirements Vertically in a rising main with an oil and grease free measuring section


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