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Compressed Air, Gas and Vacuum

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Medical Vacuum Filters

Specifically designed to remove liquid, solid and bacterial contamination, the New Alpha Series of Medical Vacuum filters (also known as bacterial filters) are essential for preventing damage to the vacuum pump and reducing the risk of delivering infectious material to vulnerable patients, service engineers and hospital staff. Featuring an easily removable sterilisable vacuum drain flask, a unique push fit element and differential pressure monitor, New Alpha Medical Vacuum filters fully comply with global medical gas pipeline systems standards  ISO7396-1, HTM 02-01, NFPA99 and AS2896, providing peace of mind that potentially hazardous biological contagions will not be exhausted into the surrounding environment. The New Alpha high efficiency medical grade filter element utilises low pressure loss borosilicate glass microfiber media and an open cell reticulated foam pre-filtration layer to capture particulates, bacteria and liquid aerosols whilst maintaining a low differential pressure and improving energy efficiency to deliver low total life costs. Leading the way, our high efficiency Medical Vacuum filters are used on the suction side of a vacuum pump in hospitals, operating theatres, intensive care units, laboratories, veterinary hospitals, dental surgeries and medical vacuum plant installations Worldwide. The safety of our products is paramount; with a guaranteed filtration performance greater than 99.995% (when independently tested in accordance with BS 3928-1969: Method for Sodium Flame Test from Air filters), and meeting the requirements of HTM 02-01, patients and customers have put their complete trust in our product for over 30 years.

Product PDFs

Medical Vacuum Filters Brochure

Threaded and Flanged Compressed Air Filter Manual


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