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High Temperature Dust Filters

Walker Filtration offer a wide range of compressed air and gas high temperature dust filters for use in specialized applications where the temperature of the compressed air exceeds that recommended for standard Walker Filtration products (120°C/248°F).

These products are often installed downstream of heat reactivated adsorption compressed air dryers where for short periods of time the temperature of the air may reach 250°C/480°F as a maximum.

Applications that require high temperature filters are not only restricted to desiccant dryer installations. Where high efficiency compressed air and gas filters are needed to operate within such arduous conditions, we can assist in ensuring the correct selection and installation of filters for efficiency ratings of 5, 1 and 0.01 micron.

These filters incorporate the use of a stainless steel tie rod to secure the filter element and are manufactured from the highest quality 316 grade stainless steel. Within the standard high temperature dust product range Walker Filtration offer connection sizes of ¼” to 2” with various flow rates available to achieve the ultimate filtration solution.

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