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Drypoint M Plus Membrane Dryers

Drypoint M Plus membrane dryers are the new technology in compressed air drying which includes a unique built in pre-filter design. Engineered to dry your air with membrane technology, the Drypoint has no moving parts and requires no electrical power to operate. Utilizing your system compressed air the air may be dried to suit your application. Membrane dryers can be used to dry compressed air at point of use as well as dry the air for your entire compressed air system. This applies whether the application is for small laboratory areas, or a manufacturing facility application, whether mobile or stationary.

As is required for all drying methods, high quality pre-filtration is essential for the reliable function of a membrane dryer. An integrated pre-filter is the added feature for the M Plus version. The pre-filter is located at the bottom end of the dryer prior to entering the membrane making it compact, easy to install and economic in cost.

Product PDFs

Drypoint M Plus Brochure

Drypoint M Plus 08 Series Manual

Drypoint M Plus 10-20 Series Manual

Drypoint M Plus 40 Series Manual


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