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This website has been designed to be user friendly allowing for easy navigation. The website includes a 3D compressor room system illustration that is interactive allowing for quick navigation to view all of the products available from CAG Purification. On the front page of our new website you will find three distinct new tabs “What is Your Problem” tab designed to help users and our dealers diagnose system problems quickly. Once the cause has been determined just click on our “Solutions” tab and you will find the recommended solutions to your specific problem.

Once you have decided on the recommended solution just click on the “View our Products” tab and this will allow you to easily find the product that is right for your application. We have provided information on our site that is not commonly provided by our competitors in the compressed air industry. See our new section titled “We Meet Canadian Regulations”. Due to the strict regulations in Canada we have added this new section to allow our customers to see our commitment to meeting the electrical and pressure vessel approval requirements for our products in Canada. Feel free to visit our website as often as you like as it will be constantly updated with new products and information. Visit us at: www.cagpurification.com






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