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Metpoint Dew Point Meters

Moisture in compressed air can cause severe damage. Malfunctions in a production plant, costly down time, higher reject rates and increased quality control expenditures all have a negative impact on profits. For this reason, efficient and individually adapted compressed air treatment is absolutely essential. However, to guarantee process reliability, the compressed air humidity also needs to be monitored. Dew point meters by Beko are a perfect solution because of their precision and superior maintenance free service life. Online integration with selectable parameters for evaluation and alarm functions in existing process control systems is also possible.

Product PDFs

Beko Dewpoint Meters Brochure

Dewpoint Meter Manual - Portable

Dewpoint Meter Manual - Stationary

Metpoint DD081 Manual

Portable Dew Point Monitor Manual


Technical Specifications
Model Metpoint DPM Stationary Device Metpoint DPM X2 Stationary Device Metpoint DPM Portable Device
Measuring Range PDP -112 to +122 °F -112 to +122 °F -112 to +122 °F
Pressure Range -14.5 to 232 psig -14.5 to 232 psig -14.5 to 232 psig
Power Supply 90 to 260 VAC 90 to 260 VAC Rechargeable Battery
Accuracy at:      
PDP -40 °F ± 3.5 °F ± 3.5 °F ± 3.5 °F
PDP +15 to +122 °F ± 0.9 °F ± 0.9 °F ± 0.9 °F
Standard Protection IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
EMC DIN EN 61326 DIN EN 61326 DIN EN 61326
Sensor Protection Sinter Filter 50 ìm Sinter Filter 50 ìm Slotted Cap
Pre-alarm +46.4 °F -40.0 °F  
Main Alarm +53.6 °F -31.0 °F  
Display Type External, Single Value Display (Dew Point Only) External, Multiple Value Display (Expandable) Integrated, Hand-held, Single Value Display
Processing Outputs 4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA USB Connection
  2 alarm contacts 2 alarm contacts  
    USB Connection  
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