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Metpoint Flow Meters

The precise measurement of the actual flow rate provides the foundation for various analyses, documentations and decisions in connection with compressed air systems. Possible overloading (e.g. excessive air velocities) or malfunctions can be quickly and reliably detected and this permits economically optimized dimensioning of the plant components. Moreover, the exact allocation of consumption percentages to the different stages of production is of great value for making fact-based business management decisions. And not least, the flow rate measurement will indicate the loss of compressed air due to leakage. An important economic factor considering that every third compressor only runs to compensate for the loss of air! BEKO METPOINT FLM devices can be simply and quickly installed – even under pressure conditions. With its variety of interfaces it is easy to integrate into existing process control systems.

Product PDFs

Flow Meter Brochure

Flow Meter VA300 Manual

Technical Specifications
  METPOINT FLM Stationary Device METPOINT FLM X2 Stationary Device
Integrated Measuring Section Measuring Range scfm
Designed for direct pipe mounting, without the integrated measuring section. Usable from ½" up to 12" pipe sections Standard unit is capable of measuring from 0.12 to 23,275 scfm
½" 0.1 to 50
¾" 0.2 to 100
1" 0.3 to 170
1 ½" 0.6 to 320
2" 1.2 to 530
Sensor Type 2 x silicum cup 2 x silicum cup
Operating Temperature -22 to 176 °F -22 to 176 °F (housing)
Operating Pressure up to 232 psig up to 580 psig
Analog Output 4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA
Digital Output USB Connection via SID Interface USB Connection via SID Interface
Display Type Integrated, Single Value Display External, Multiple Value Display
Measuring Principle Thermal Mass Thermal Mass


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