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Compressed Air, Gas and Vacuum

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FRL - RegulatorsFRL - Regulators

The PURESTREAM Filter-Regulator-Lubricator air preparation products are available in a variety of configurations designed to meet the requirements of every customer. PURESTREAM FRL products are constructed in metal material and are available from 1/8” npt to 1” npt connection sizes.

The Regulator products are available in various standard pressure ratings from 3 to140 psig. Each regulator includes a non-raising press to lock adjustment knob for locking at any set pressure. The unit is supplied with a pressure guage as standard with a 0 - 160 psig pressure range. Each unit is also suitable for panel mounting.

Product PDFs

 Purestream FRL Filter Brochure

 Purestream FRL Filter Manual

 Regulator Technical Data


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