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FRL – Regulator Combo

The PURESTREAM Filter-Regulator-Lubricator air preparation products are available in a variety of configurations designed to meet the requirements of every customer. PURESTREAM FRL products are constructed in metal and polybowl material and are available from 1/8” npt to 1” npt connection sizes.

The Filter/Regulator Combo products are available in the polybowl version with standard metal guard and also in a higher pressure version with the metal bowls. Each filter/regulator combo includes a press type manual drain and may also be ordered with auto drains on some models. The standard filter grade available from stock is 5 micron sintered bronze. The Filter/Regulator Combo products are available in 7 to 140 psig. Each regulator includes a non-raising press to lock adjustment knob for locking at any set pressure. The unit is supplied with a pressure guage as standard with a 0 - 160 psig pressure range. Each unit is also suitable for panel mounting.

Product PDFs

Purestream FRL Filter Brochure

Purestream FRL Filter Manual

Filter Regulator Combo With Manual Drain And Poly Bowl Technical Data

Filter Regulator Combo With Internal Auto Drain And Poly Bowl

Filter Regulator Combo With Manual Drain And Metal Bowl Technical Data



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