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A-Range Series Threaded Filters

We offer a comprehensive range of compressed air and gas filtration products for use in almost every industrial environment. Within the A-Range Series of threaded filters we offer 14 models with connections from ¼” to 3” and flow capacities up to 1530 SCFM . Manufactured in cast aluminum alloy with Walker E-coat™ protection, the optimized modular filter design ensures that high performance, ease of installation and multiple close coupling is continually achieved.

Oleophobic borosilicate media and a custom engineered anti re-entrainment layer guarantees exceptional dirt holding and drainage. A unique material construction minimizes pressure drop and improves energy efficiency, something that is crucial in today’s economic climate. Our self centralizing, drop-fit elements are colour coded to make grade identification quick and simple. A unique end cap design allows the elements to fully engage with the filter bowl to prevent vibration, improve stability and assist drainage.

Our A-Range Series of threaded filters are independently tested and validated to ISO 12500 to give complete peace of mind.

Product PDFs

Threaded Filters Brochure

Compressed Air Filter Performance Validation Brochure

Threaded and Flanged Compressed Air Filter Manual

Walker Threaded and Flanged Water Separator Manual

Technical Specification
Model Pipe Size Flow
Nm³/hr SCFM
A20 1/4" 35 20
A30 3/8" 56 30
A55 ½” 112 63
A76 3/4" 216 127
A105 1" 250 147
A106 1" 300 176
A126 1 ¼” 540 318
A153 1 ½” 725 427
A203 2" 800 470
A205 2" 1150 675
A250 2 ½” 1620 954
A305 3" 1620 954
A306 3" 2210 1301
A308 3" 2600 1531
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