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The Purestream FREEZE LINE piping system is designed to transport chilled water and many other fluids and is ideal for use in process cooling applications. The piping and fittings are constructed of corrosion proof heavy gauge PVC plastic that is compatiable with chilled water and glycol water mix. It is designed to be easily and quickly installed by plant maintenance staff or plumbing contractors. All that is required by the installer is a saw or pipe cutter and deburring tool and the pipe can be cut to size and the fittings applied as required. The pipe system can be mounted with typical pipe hangers or mounted along a wall or beside equipment by installing our pipe brackets and then assembling the pipe to create a rigid high quality pipe system that can be easily adapted. The pipe system is also compatible with dietary fluids and many other aggressive and non-aggressive chemical fluids.

 PURESTREAM Freeze Line Water Pipe & Fittings Brochure 

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