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Purestream Chillers

Purestream Immersion Cooler Kits

Immersion Coolers are Water to Glycol Heat Exchanger grids that can be submerged into an existing tank or new design to indirectly cool a process fluid.The chiller then pumps very cold Glycol (less than 0 degrees C) through the Closed Loop.The Glycol quickly absorbs the heat from the Process fluid rejecting it using the chillers refrigeration system.This is a cost effective way to introduce cooling into a process, as opposed to an expensive engineered direct cooling system.These Heat Exchangers are typically Stainless Steel or Titanium depending on the type of fluid to be cooled.

Utilizing Glycol allows the use of a Heat Transfer fluid that can be cooled below the freezing point of water to increase cooling times and heat transfer rates. Applications include Anodizing, Acid Bath, Metal Finishing, Oil Cooling, Wort chilling (Brewing industry)  Batch Cooling and tempering City Supply Water and/or potable water supplies that is to be consumed in a process.

Call or email us with your application and we will do our best to find a cost effective and simple solution with a quick delivery.

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